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Try our products in your home.

Ensure you love your new wardrobe
and try it in your space before you buy

How it works

Choose your wardrobe

Have a browse through our products and pick out a couple of your favourites. Make sure to check the measurements of the wardrobe so it'll fit in your space.

See how it looks

On each of our i-Robe pages and on our linen shelves page, you'll see a button which says 'In Home'. Simply click this and see the product in your space.

Get the perfect product for you

Once you've seen the product in your space, purchase it with the peace of mind knowing that it will look great once it's delivered.

Ensure you love your new wardrobe

With our new Augmented Reality system, you can view, place and experience your products in your space.

AR is available for the entire i-Robe and linen shelving range. It is be a great place to start in visualising which colour and what size wardrobe will best fit in your space.

Try it now by clicking the 'In Home' button on our product pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the AR if I'm on my computer?

If you're on your computer when you press the 'In Home' button, simply scan the QR code on your phone. It'll ask to open a link, click this link and you'll be taken through to your camera app with the wardrobe of choice.

What does the 360 button do?

The 360 button allows you to get some of the unique features about the product. You can click any of the orange dots and they'll give you more details about specific aspects of the product. You can also rotate the models to see other views of the products.

Are there any tips for using the AR?

- The AR works best when there is good lighting in the room.
- Use two fingers together, to rotate the wardrobes.
- Start the process close to where you want the wardrobe.
- Make sure to check the scale, it should be 100% for best use.

Are there any limitations for using the AR?

- It may not work well to move the wardrobe higher into the space.
- If you're going to cut your wardrobe down to size, you won't be able to see this model.